Hands-Free-Chromatic (HFC) Harmonica

The HFC is an adaptation of Seydel's Chromatic Deluxe, 12-hole, 48-reed, 3-octave harmonica. You can easily play it "One-Man-Band" style in a holder while you also play a guitar or piano!

    Now Available Exclusively Through www.blowyourbrassoff.com

A New Direction for the HFC and ENR

Vern Smith, retired mechanical engineer and creator of the HFC has passed the HFC and ENR manufacturing on to Chris Reynolds of www.blowyourbrassoff.com. It is with great enthusiasm that Vern and Chris have worked to make this transition as smooth as possible and will hopefully result in no delay in getting HFC's and ENR's to customers. Chris is going to be offering several new options in the HFC such as allowing the customer to choose which color they would like the comb and mouthpiece to be, as well as allowing the customer to select the harp in whatever options Seydel currently offers the Chromatic Deluxe in. Chris and Vern will remain working closely with one another to continue to improve the HFC and ENR to bring customers more options and increased quality.Chris looks forward to carrying forth the dedication to quality and service that Vern has established with the these two great products and looks forward to serving those interested in this great instrument.